Mixing pink with acrylics

You can mix pink with red and white. There are a lot of different red colors available, each one providing a typical kind of pink.

On the image below you see the following colors in combination with titanium white (from left to right): vermillion, pyrolle red, cadmium red medium, magenta

Left to right, all combined with titanium white: vermilion, pyrolle red, magenta, crimson red, carmine red
  • Vermillion: this result is more of a light orange than pink, because vermillion is a color that’s rather orange.
  • Pyrolle red: relatively neutral pink (cad red medium will give a similar result)
  • Magenta: bright pink. This is what we would call: bubblegum pink.
  • Crimson: pink with slightly blue bias (however: this depends on the kind of crimson used, crimson may vary from rather neutral red to red with a blue undertone)
  • Carmine: pink with cool bias
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