My name is Toon Nagtegaal, I’m an artist and art teacher from the Netherlands.

As a child, I was always drawing and painting. At a young age, I received weekly art lessons from an artist. I learned to draw by sight and got to know new techniques and materials.

After secondary school, I went to art Academy in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). In 1999 I completed the course for first grade arts education teacher.

I like to paint a lot of different subjects: motorsports, portraits, animals, landscapes and much more!

Painting and teaching

Besides painting I like teaching and sharing things I’ve learned so far. That’s why I started a Dutch YouTube channel with painting tutorials in 2018. In 2022 I’ve also started an English YouTube channel.

I make video tutorials for a Dutch website named . It’s an online artschool, with more than 3000 members.

Painting tutorial for

And I also write educational articles for Atelier Magazine.